The Bathroom Door

Ah the days when the bathroom door was solely there to give you privacy from the outside world, in other words SHUT! Might have been a revolving door in some homes with large families and often slammed if there was only one that was meant to be shared with you and anyone other than you. But it was constantly shut and often locked, let our siblings bang all they want, they are not getting in while I take my 45 minute unnecessarily  long shower! We depended on the door to do its job and remain shut when we shut it, and locked when we locked it.

We slowly realize the bathroom door will no longer be used much and then even a stage not used at all once our little ones arrive. Even in the hospital just prior to birth, it can be a challenge to shut it. Good luck trying to get the IV pole in there or after you give birth your maternal instincts kick in some probably kept the door open slightly “just in case”. Then we arrive home!! It is almost as if the bathroom doors have magically removed themselves in advance of our arrival. THEY KNOW! ~~By child 3 they stay on~~


When our idea of being pampered is being able to use the restroom in private or in peace we know we have reached the status of being a MOM! When we do shut the door for the first time “on them” their reactions are priceless. HOW DARE SHE!

Little fingers appear under the door frame, trying to see if they can reach us or finding a weak spot for later bathroom use.

Bathroom Post

Cold tile will not stop a toddler who wants in, they will sit in front of the shut door waiting……and waiting for US.

Sometimes screaming and crying, other times talking to us and the moments I would worry most about — for myself– was when they would sit there facing the door BEING QUIET! You know their brain is thinking, turning inside. And when we open the door it is the same reaction we receive when we get home and our dog greets us… concept of time, they are just pure happy to see us.

My little boys who would once do this are now teens, they respect me and never do this now. Now my girls, 5 & 6 they will instead  yell LOUD from way outside my bedroom door, MOM CAN I GET A CHEESE STICK?     MOM THE BOYS ARE FIGHTING.        MOM CAN I COME IN?        MOM WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BE DONE?       MOM I AM HUNGRY.        MOM….. MOM….. MOM….. MOM…..

Bathroom Post 2


“OKAY MOM I WILL WAIT RIGHT HERE FOR YOU.”  they do, they just check in every 2.1 seconds.

Oh bathroom door I took you for granted for decades and now I just wish I could afford a sound proof one.


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I am a winter loving mom of 5 kids who loves to share her adventures and survival of living and caring for my five blessings. I enjoy traveling, Bush Gardens, the U.K. and blogging. I am an EMT who is headed back to college this fall.

23 thoughts on “The Bathroom Door”

  1. Now that my kids are all grown up, I can actually shut the bathroom door, but since no one is usually here during the day, I mostly leave it open. 🙂 I remember when my first child was born and I was too scared to leave him alone while I showered, so I always took him in the bathroom with me, in his carrier. Later, I wished for a few moments of bathroom privacy.

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  2. This is funny. I find my toddler to be ok while I’m in the bathroom having my bubble baths or getting ready its my older kids (10, 9 and 7) that stand at the door trying to get in, banging or sit there trying to talk to me while I’m doing my thing. It never ends.

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  3. Those someecards are hilarious and so true. I don’t have kids but I remember always following my mom into the bathroom to bug her all the time when I was younger. She used to say that the bathroom should be a sanctuary not a gathering spot.

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    1. I am so glad I was able to bring a smile to your morning! I did too, I have 3 teen boys they just stand at the end of the hall and yell…ugh! My girls will be outside the door and will want to hold an entire conversation.


  4. This is such a great true post. lol The bathroom is never a private place when you have children or pets. My kids don’t live with my now but my dog is always following me in to the bathroom even when I shower. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. You are the second person to mention pets, I completely forgot about how even when my kids are at school I still have our dogs following me into our bathroom. LOL so true bathrooms are no longer a private area.


  5. Ha ha ha!! This is so true! I’ve never let my kids into the bathroom with me, so at least I have that. I have however, had the fingers under the door, the non-stop knocking and even the “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mmmmoooooommmmmmyyyy”! Thankfully, they’ve all managed to grow out of it, lol!

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  6. Haha this makes me laugh! I am not a mom but I know we always harassed my poor mom whenever she had a few minutes to herself. Great memes in this post!

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