A visit to Cupcake War’s winner Happy Cakes Cupcakery

Flip on The Food Network and you probably will catch one of their number one rated shows Cupcake Wars and if you are like my girls and I you know why. Not only is it about CUPCAKES, it has bakers racing and competing against each other to win the ultimate prize being named ‘Cupcake Wars Winner’ plus a check for $10,000. During the show you see 3 sets of teams race to make their best cupcakes under one theme and using ingredients some might never think to even use ever, let alone in a cupcake! And if the pressure of having to compete isn’t frightening enough there is that looming time frame you have to get all your cupcakes done, decorated and plated under.  Oh did I forget to mention they have to taste DELICOUS!!!!

Angela Diaz and her daughter-in-law, Kaylee were selected to compete in a mother/daughter episode in June and “Season 9: Episode 6: LA Bridal Bash” aired on the Food Network on October 12, 2013. My girls and I watched that episode as it aired and we were all pulling for them to win! They were are mother/daughter team from Morehead City, NC just 45 minutes away from us — how could we not be home on the edge of our seats rooting for them!! When they won my girls, Faith & Megan were jumping up and down not only did their pick win but someone from Eastern North Carolina won!

Happy Cakes 6

The big day came when I took the girls for the first time to visit HappyCakes Cupcakery and as soon I turned the corner and they saw the huge sign that read “WINNERS OF CUPCAKE WARS” they knew where we were and my SUV began to shake with excitement! As soon as I put the car in park Megan and Faith were on the sidewalk jumping up and down waiting for me LOL. Megan, who is the BIGGEST Food Network Star fan was starstruck and couldn’t contain her excitement. Before even entering the shop she was recalling the episode with her younger sister. When we opened the door to their Cupcake ‘Heaven’ Shop you are hit with the smells of fresh baked ingredients and my favorite their HUGE (I swear they are the size of my head) Cookies!

happy cakes

HappyCakes Cupcakery prides themselves on what they DON’T put their cupcakes! Yes, I worded that correctly…what they DON’T add. Once you taste their cupcakes you will never want or even like store bought or box cupcakes every again, the reason why is because of all the artificial colors, flavors and ingredients they don’t add. The sign behind Megan ‘Butter Makes Everything Better’ is just one hint to the standards they have for all their bake goods. As stated on their HappyCakes Cupcakery Facebook page

We make deliciously moist, made-from-scratch cupcakes. We do not use food coloring or packaged products when they can be avoided. We feature homemade caramel, fruit fillings, Swiss meringue buttercreams, and so much more.
happy cakes 2
 Pictured above is their Vanilla Bean (vanilla bean cake, vanilla bean buttercream), Chocolate Mousse (chocolate cake, milk chocolate mousse filling, vanilla buttercream, chocolate shavings), and Strawberry Cream (vanilla cake, fresh strawberry buttercream). My favorite is there HUGE Chocolate Chip cookies. Fresh baked daily just so happen that when we arrived the were still warm (insert heart eyes emjoi)!!
happy cakes 7
Actual size! Be sure to pair your cupcake or cookie with their fresh brewed coffee.
Of course we couldn’t leave without a sneak peak and finger swoop! Faith double checking her cupcake was still here there CHECK!
happy cakes 4
Oh did you notice the missing cupcake too? Your mission is to go to Happycakes Cupcakery and walk out without eating one of their daily delicious cupcakes! It isn’t easy!
When storing your cupcake at home their boxes have instructions to help keep them fresh longer. Since I had the cookie, which took me two days to finish…yes it is that HUGE, I stored my in non other than a glass cupcake stand!
Happy Cakes 5
Very fitting for this Vanilla Bean Cupcake! Stayed fresh for 3 days, though the icing didn’t last…as in it didn’t last my every once in a while finger swoop! ;)!
And what better way to celebrate turning 17 years old than a Chocolate Indulgence (chocolate cake, rich chocolate buttercream, chocolate shavings) Cupcake
happy cakes 8

happy cakes 9   I am not sure that cupcake lasted 5 minutes before it was just the wrapper and crumbs! It was a surprise trip to the Happycakes Cupcakery Shop in Morehead City, NC. and the girls thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and every moment of eating their Famous Cupcakes. It was a surprise when we brought back  enough for their 3 brothers and dad to celebrate Eric’s 17th birthday, and needless to say everyone picked their favorite and tried each others and there were non left over! Kevin had the Tiramisu (Irish cream cake with Irish cream and espresso glaze, Irish cream mascarpone buttercream, cocoa dusting), Sean tried the Cookie Dough (vanilla cake, homemade chocolate chip cookie dough center, vanilla buttercream with mini chocolate chips, homemade mini chocolate chip cookie topping), and dad/George tried the Chocolate Strawberry (chocolate cake, fresh strawberry buttercream). Tummy’s were full and happy!

If you are in our area be sure to make the trip to Happycakes Cupcakery, if your not in the area….what are you waiting here is the address quick put it in Google Maps and make the trip!



Why I love to support local businesses. Not only does Happycakes Cupcakery make my now all time favorite cookie but they donate 10% of their purchases to Wipe Every Tear ! If you walk in see them wearing one of the shirts above that say “Refuse To Do Nothing” that is the Happycakes Cupcakery Family showing their support for Wipe Every Tear, which  helps rescue beautiful people trapped in human trafficking in the Philippines and Thailand.

Watch their Cupcake War’s Episode :

You can check out Happycakes Cupcakery on their

Happycakes Cupcakery Facebook Page

Happycakes Cupcakery Website

Happycakes Cupcakery Instagram

Wipe Every Tear Facebook Page

Wipe Every Tear Website

*Happycakes Cupcakery did not endorse this post, I wrote this review as a show of support for a local business we are proud of here in Eastern, NC and in our house rooted for during the show Cupcake Wars on the Food Network*


24 thoughts on “A visit to Cupcake War’s winner Happy Cakes Cupcakery”

  1. Ah. How awesome. I love cupcake wars, and cupcakes! This looks so good, would love to visit a Cupcake Wars winner. How fun that would be. The cupcakes look delicious!


  2. oh my. I don’t know how I would last in that store. I adore cupcakes and I can only imagine what flavors they have. Icing is one of my guilty pleasures too. What fun you had.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is awesome that you are supporting a local business. I’m thinking of turning my blog into one that supports local businesses. I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve. Anyway, wonderful looking cupcakes! If I were a kid I’d feel like I was in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory surrounded by all the deliciousness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Oh I love that idea for your blog. I love supporting our locally family owned businesses. I am following you so I looking forward to reading your about your local businesses and shops. And YES it was a little like being Charlie in our own Chocolate Factory


    1. Sometimes they will show you on the show how they make each cupcake or tell you what they use, be sure to check out their facebook page and website each cupcake they list like I did what it is..the cake, flavor and type of icing and if there is a topping. Not sure of they share their recipes but on the Foodnetwork.com you can visit CupcakeWars and get all the behind the scenes look.


  4. I don’t have cable to watch the Food Network which my be good for me because I would be as big as a house by now. When I did have cable I did watch it sometimes. The Cupcake Wars sound like a great show to watch. If I would have seen the episode I would have probably been like your daughter. The cupcakes you have pictured looks so delicious and the ones you describe sound even better. The Happy Cake Cupcakery sounds like a wonderful place to get delicious cupcakes and I love how they donate 10% to Wipe Every Tear. Thanks for shairng and support small businesses.


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