Milk Bottle Craft

Being able to sit down, relax and enjoy my night crafting is a night well spent! I try to escape to my craft room or take over a section by the recliner in the living room and craft while as a family we watch a movie or America’s Got Talent. Two weeks ago I painted three mason jars and loved how they turned out. So when I saw these cute mini milk bottles at Walmart in their craft section I just I had to paint them! I only ended using 3 (4th one broke during hand drying it)

cow 5

After I cleaned them inside and out…and hand dried them, well 3 😉 it was time to pick the colors. I chose to do 1 in black & white, 1 in a light pink with dark pink spots and the last one in a light tan with a darker shade for the spots. I love when Michaels Craft Store has their 20% off your entire order AND 40% one item plus their paints were on sale, perfect timing! These are the colors I chose..  Craft Smart White, Black, Apple Barrel Cameo Pink, Paradise Pink, Toasted Marshmallow, and Little Mocha

cow 4

Each bottle received a bottom coat, which I would let completely dry before applying the second coat. Once the second was on the spots could then be outlined and filled in. You can have fun with this steps, by where you place them and the size. Each spot will also need two coats and be sure to let each coat of the paint dry completely before apply the next one.

milk bottles

The final couple steps after all the drying will be the protective step and the decorating step. You may want to put a clear gloss over your bottles to help protect it from chips and give it a smooth feeling and look. Krylon makes a Colormaster Crystal Clear Gloss Spray Acrylic that goes on clear and dries clear. Once that is dried you can decorate the top, I did not paint or spray the top due to what I am using it for…

cow 3cow 2

They make a fun addition to our coffee tables. I love how the spots bounced off the light bottom coat on each of them. I am a huge fan and lover of paper straws so of course that is what we are using to hold just some of them, lol I have 3 other containers holding more…I told I love paper straws!!!

What crafts do you enjoy doing? And have you painted these mini dairy/milk bottles, if so what color scheme did you use & what are you using them for? cow

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15 thoughts on “Milk Bottle Craft”

  1. I adore these! This is good advice, I have just recently gotten into painting glass and wasn’t quite sure what brand to use for a protective coating, so this was really helpful. Thank you!


  2. My kids would love to do this craft. We are throwing a kids party for the 4th of July so I will adapt this craft for our theme. This will make for a nice party giveaway with trinkets stored inside.

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  3. I planned to do a milk and cookies party for my son but we didn’t end up going with that theme. Of course, I know have a ton of milk bottles sitting in our garage. This will make a perfect craft for the kids for our next scheduled playdate at home. Will pin for later.

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  4. These are too cute! This is a craft that you can do with your kids or with your vacation bible school. I love that its simple and easy. Also, there would’t be that big of a mess to clean up. I can see me making one myself to keep my knitting needles.

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    1. Oh I love the idea of doing them during Vacation Bible School. LOL I have a made a few messes myself and luckily this craft project wasn’t one of them, doesn’t use a lot of paint and I was able to use the brush, just rinse it off between colors!


  5. These are adorable! I actually have quite a few milk bottles that I got at my local dollar store. They’ve been sitting on the shelf in my craft room for the longest time, just waiting for the perfect crafty idea. I can’t wait to get started! I’m going to use mine as vases for paper flowers! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I love, love, love these bottles! I’m not sure what it is about them, other than their shape, but they are my favorite. I’ve painted glass many times before, but never knew about the protective coating. What a great idea to preserve your work and make it last longer.


  7. This is an awesome idea! I love milk bottles and I tend to collect them as well — I feel bad for throwing them away. I want to recycle them and this kind of craft is exactly what I should do. Thanks for the idea!

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