Birchbox’s June Subscription Box

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Those that know me might be thinking “Heather you actually subscribe to a makeup subscription box?” I know right, me who is so tomboy does where makeup but it didn’t start until I had my two girls and someone sent me a referral link to try out Birchbox. I never knew what brands were the best, which products to use  on my hair and heck I didn’t even know most of these were even out there. But I can tell once I tried Dry Shampoo I fell in love, who knew! ;)! Now I look forward to receiving the box each month and have learned over the last year so much and have a bathroom shelf or three or four full of products Birchbox has sent that I have used and  loved.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that starts  out at $10 a month. If you choose to add additional samples or products to your monthly box or get the premium box then your price will be higher. Birchbox has been around since 2010, they are probably one of the most, if not the most well known and most popular beauty and subscription boxes out that.


Birchbox sends between 4-6 sample sizes (sometimes full sizes) each month. I have been with them for over a year and just love each month. I receive my box around the 10th of each month, one of the earliest boxes I receive. I love how each month their box designs are different and I even have a few favorites. I keep mine, my girls each have their own that they keep their shopkins in!

Each month you receive a card letting you know what is included and how much a full size cost. One way to buy a full size item for a discount or even free is buy reviewing your products you receive, buy from their online BirchBox Shop and referring your friends. You can save your points up and use them in conjunction with coupon codes to get huge discounts on amazing products.


I had so much going on I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of their upgrade boxes so this is their standard box. My June box included:

Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer: Full -size $21 (7ml/.24 fl oz) This is a creamy face moisturizer for dry, dull and stressed-out skin. It is packed with antioxidants and humectants to help with hydrating your skin. I love this because even though it is not winter I still have dry skin. Being in the EMS field I am constantly washing my hands so they are quick to become dry fast and especially not smooth  like they should be. The same with my face, I am always washing my face with harsh micro bacterial soaps and wipes and it will leave my face dry. That is where Air Repair comes in! This is already in my tote to come to work with me!


COOLA Mineral Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte Tint $36 Full-size (.17 fl oz/5ml) Is a Mineral-based TINTED moisturizer with SPF!!! Nongreasy formula dries down to a matte finish and the subtle beige tint evens out skin tone and masks flaws. I love how COOLA is going double duty with this product. Works best for light to medium complexions, which is me so yeah! Plus I love the brand COOLA and Birchbox has a special going now on their site:

Can’t get enough of COOLA®? We feel you. For a limited time, get a free COOLA® Tinted Mineral Liplux SPF 30 in Nude Beach with qualifying $40+ purchase of any full-size suncare product(s) from the Birchbox Shop. Use code: LIPLUX at checkout.


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector $28 Full-size (30ml/1floz) This is a overnight solution that softens, shins, helps hair become more manageable and last up to a week. Can be used on color treated hair which I love, since I am always dying my hair and need products that helps keep my hair staying healthy and strong and Living Proof does. Doesn’t feel greasy applying or when you wake up.


Whish Shave Crave with Vitamin K $24 Full-size (22ml/.75fl oz) This a blend of natural plant extracts plus Vitamin K minimizes spider veins, varicose veins and bruises over time all while being an ultra thick luxury shaving cream. Organic jojoba seed oil, green tea, and coconut oil penetrate skin to deeply moisturize and goes on feeling more like a lotion than a shaving cream. My take on it though IT IS PRICEY FOR A SHAVING CREAM! As much we shave during the summer (lol come on you know you shave less in the winter…I can’t be the only one) that is a hefty price tag you will be paying for a few bottles a year. OUCH!


Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel – 3 Medium $24 Full-size–Now this is not yet available to the public until June 24th, but as a Birchbox subscriber we are getting a special sneak peek at a sample of their Brow Volumizer Gel. Now I will admit at first I thought it was for your lashes lol even put it on my lashes, then I realized it is for your BROWS! I am not one who does anything with my brows…they are just there doing fine all on their own! So this was all new to me…did I even need a Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel? To me I feel I look a little grizzly, making brows really stand out but that might be that I to them not being so light.



What did you guys think of the items in this month’s June Birchbox? After review each item that will give me a total of 50 points that I can combine with my others and use in the Birchbox Shop.

If you would like to subscribe to Birchbox you sign up using BirchBoxSurviving5Kids


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I am a winter loving mom of 5 kids who loves to share her adventures and survival of living and caring for my five blessings. I enjoy traveling, Bush Gardens, the U.K. and blogging. I am an EMT who is headed back to college this fall.

19 thoughts on “Birchbox’s June Subscription Box”

  1. That Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector sounds right up my alley. I had to cancel my birchbox subscription a few years ago because I wasn’t really using a lot of the products they sent but after seeing this box I might have to reconsider them!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was really excited about the Living Proof as well. I just dyed my hair so this came at a perfect time. At first I thought my pillow was going to be all greasy but it stayed in my hair, I just combed it through and woke up with a smooth/clean feeling and it did last about a week…5 for me.


      1. What a great box. How nice to be able to try out smaller versions of these expense products before you invest in the larger bottles. The Living Proof night cap sounds very interesting. Will have to check out birchbox.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It was scheduled to start to in July to get rid of their point system, I am bummed about it as well. I am looking at using the credit/points I had saved up and see what my August box has in it, as I think their boxes have gone down in value and in product worth getting excited about, and then decide if I will cancel.


  2. I love subscription boxes! I really need to try one for me rather than all these food and kid ones! I am a tomboy as well but I enjoy trying new things!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I win a UK Birchbox 3 month subscription and sadly I was disappointed by the sample sizes. It’s nice that you got a Benefit product in yours.


    1. Aww, I am sorry to hear that. I haven’t seen too many of the UK boxes. Some of our samples are great and like the Whish I was really disappointed in. Overall for $10 here is a really great deal. In the UK I know it is higher…😔


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