Milk Bottle Craft

Being able to sit down, relax and enjoy my night crafting is a night well spent! I try to escape to my craft room or take over a section by the recliner in the living room and craft while as a family we watch a movie or America’s Got Talent. Two weeks ago I painted three mason jars and loved how they turned out. So when I saw these cute mini milk bottles at Walmart in their craft section I just I had to paint them! I only ended using 3 (4th one broke during hand drying it)

cow 5

After I cleaned them inside and out…and hand dried them, well 3 πŸ˜‰ it was time to pick the colors. I chose to do 1 in black & white, 1 in a light pink with dark pink spots and the last one in a light tan with a darker shade for the spots. I love when Michaels Craft Store has their 20% off your entire order AND 40% one item plus their paints were on sale, perfect timing! These are the colors I chose..Β  Craft Smart White, Black, Apple Barrel Cameo Pink, Paradise Pink, Toasted Marshmallow, and Little Mocha

cow 4

Each bottle received a bottom coat, which I would let completely dry before applying the second coat. Once the second was on the spotsΒ could then be outlined and filled in. You can haveΒ fun with this steps, by where you place them and the size. Each spot will also need two coats and be sure to let each coat of the paint dry completely before apply the next one.

milk bottles

The final couple steps after all the drying will be the protective step and the decorating step. You may want to put a clear gloss over your bottles to help protect it from chips and give it a smooth feeling and look. Krylon makes a Colormaster Crystal Clear Gloss Spray Acrylic that goes on clear and dries clear. Once that is dried you can decorate the top, I did not paint or spray the top due to what I am using it for…

cow 3cow 2

They make a fun addition to our coffee tables. I love how the spots bounced off the light bottom coat on each of them. I am a huge fan and lover of paper straws so of course that is what we are using to hold just some of them, lol I have 3 other containers holding more…I told I love paper straws!!!

What crafts do you enjoy doing? And have you painted these mini dairy/milk bottles, if so what color scheme did you use & what are you using them for? cow

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Rainbow of DumDums

Ever have a crazy thought pop in head around 1 am and next thing you know you and your son are on the couch sorting your jar Dum Dums LollipopsΒ into piles of coordinating colors? Or is it just me?! I had a tall glass apothecary jar filled to the top with Dum Dums that I had just dumped in there, no method just pure madness. After going on Instagram and seeing on of the post made @RaisingUpRubies (if you aren’t following her you definitely should be, she has her own shop and post colorful uplifting post) had made with her DumDums all neat and organized I couldn’t get that image of my messy unorganized jar of them out of my head. So yes, at 1 AM it was turn the jar over and dump them out time and let the color crazy madness begin! Bring on the late night Rootbeer Floats, John Oliver episodes and an extra bag of Dum Dums!


We started with the mystery flavor (which there is way too much of lol) at the bottom, doing two rows of them, then one row grape, a row of cotton candy, two rows of blue raspberry, a row sour apple, lemon-lime, a row of peach, orange, fruit punch, cherry and this is where having the second bag came in handy since the best flavors even though they were up top and only needed one row didn’t come with as many as other flavors we now have abundance of. After the row of cherry we did a row of watermelon and then took the pink bubble and stood them up straight at the very top!


To make all the rows even I would stick the root beer and cream soda dum dums sideways but out of sight which would allow the rows to be more sturdy and stay even as we stacked them. I am so thrilled how it turned out and love looking it each day when I am sitting at my office desk.

DumDumΒ DumDum3

Everyone likes to ask is it hard not to eat them….I guess the good thing about doing it this way is, I love the pretty rainbow look and if I ate my favorite, which happens to be right at the top, the watermelon, there would go my pretty rainbow and having to buy the extra bag LOL I had plenty of leftovers to toss in a bowl…..