My Petal Club Mix Box Review

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One thing as women we can (unfortunately) count on is getting our period but it doesn’t have to be stressful, headache full and expensive month when it does arrive, with My Petal Club they are definitely helping erase that for us.

My Petal Club is a monthly ‘time-of-the-month’ box, supplying its pads and tampons. It’s box maybe plain but the story of how they started isn’t. Read more on their About Us page.

 —-When my wife had our second child she was admitted to a hospital in Brooklyn NY. Unfortunately, she was having heavy bleeding and all the hygienic pads that were given to her were cotton based and did not help her at all.  I decided to go online and find a better product, to my surprise, every product that she tried was disappointing. —-

The Subscription Box: My Petal Club

The Cost: $6.99. They have 7 different subscriptions to choose from; Light, Regular, and Heavy Flow tampon box, Light, Regular, and Heavy Flow pad box and the Mix (which is what I was sent.) My Petal CLub manufactured their own pads which is why they are able to offer their monthly subscriptions so low! Plus Free delivery.

The Products: In the mix box I received 8 regular pads, 8 regular tampons, and 10 panty liners. Depend on the subscription you chose you will get a variation of 26 products plus two extras.

Ships to: Only ship to the USA. They ship the first box right away and the next one on the 15th of each month after. (I received mine in less than 4 days from notice of shipping!!)

Let’s see what I got….

 These are the regular pads, I would compare them to the thickness of Always and what I love about them is they have wings. —Value $1.44?

 These are the 10 panty liners, maybe FYI…but I always have on hand panty liners so receiving these monthly and ensuring I won’t run out is great. I am also glad there are 10 in each box monthly. –Value $.85

 In the Mix Box, you receive 8 regular tampons, which for me is plenty but I could see how 8 wouldn’t be enough for some. In the boxes that are for just the pads or the tampons, you will receive both regular and heavy. — Value $1.76 ?

Who doesn’t love heat during their period when cramps hit you?…I know I do! Heck, I even keep my heating pad close to my bed for cramps and muscle aches that come with getting your period. This body heating pad is nice because I was able to toss it in my bag and during my shift have relief while still in the field. No Bengay smell either. –Value $1.50

To be honest, this product is new to me, I had to go read more about it.  The Infinity Vagina Health Self-Test Card is used to test and prevent the female’s vaginitis. The test analyzes the vaginal fluid pH values (pH), whether you suffer from vaginal inflammation and levels of inflammation. Doing this at home can give you insight on what is going on while waiting to the see the doctor (Note: this is not meant to take the place of seeing your doctor but instead allow you to self-test at home for early detection) –Value $2.00

The My Petal Club is a perfect box to send or receive to help keep you supplied of all your pad and tampon needs. I can also see this as a perfect box to send to your daughter, sister, and/or friend who is in college, take the worry out of buying separate boxes each month, just send them this 1 box will all they will need.

Verdict: I estimated the box’s value at $7.55, which is higher than the monthly cost of $6.99 which also includes free shipping. The one thing I feel the box is missing is a treat of some kind, maybe candy, gum, a Zebra Cake (or that is just me). I like how they are able to keep the price so low and include shipping, inside the box, it is bright pink and everything was nicely wrapped in pink tissue paper. I can definitely see this as a box I look forward to each month to help keep me always stocked, I mean, after all, it is so much nicer to have a home delivery of menstrual cycle products that I need so no worry ever late night run to the store or having to send my husband. I do love the story behind My Petal Club, just shows how much love is shared between the couple and how having drive to do/find better can turn into a monthly box that so many can use and look forward too.

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What did you think of My Petal Club? Who would you buy it for?

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