My Petal Club Mix Box Review

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One thing as women we can (unfortunately) count on is getting our period but it doesn’t have to be stressful, headache full and expensive month when it does arrive, with My Petal Club they are definitely helping erase that for us.

My Petal Club is a monthly ‘time-of-the-month’ box, supplying its pads and tampons. It’s box maybe plain but the story of how they started isn’t. Read more on their About Us page.

 —-When my wife had our second child she was admitted to a hospital in Brooklyn NY. Unfortunately, she was having heavy bleeding and all the hygienic pads that were given to her were cotton based and did not help her at all.  I decided to go online and find a better product, to my surprise, every product that she tried was disappointing. —-

The Subscription Box: My Petal Club

The Cost: $6.99. They have 7 different subscriptions to choose from; Light, Regular, and Heavy Flow tampon box, Light, Regular, and Heavy Flow pad box and the Mix (which is what I was sent.) My Petal CLub manufactured their own pads which is why they are able to offer their monthly subscriptions so low! Plus Free delivery.

The Products: In the mix box I received 8 regular pads, 8 regular tampons, and 10 panty liners. Depend on the subscription you chose you will get a variation of 26 products plus two extras.

Ships to: Only ship to the USA. They ship the first box right away and the next one on the 15th of each month after. (I received mine in less than 4 days from notice of shipping!!)

Let’s see what I got….

 These are the regular pads, I would compare them to the thickness of Always and what I love about them is they have wings. —Value $1.44?

 These are the 10 panty liners, maybe FYI…but I always have on hand panty liners so receiving these monthly and ensuring I won’t run out is great. I am also glad there are 10 in each box monthly. –Value $.85

 In the Mix Box, you receive 8 regular tampons, which for me is plenty but I could see how 8 wouldn’t be enough for some. In the boxes that are for just the pads or the tampons, you will receive both regular and heavy. — Value $1.76 ?

Who doesn’t love heat during their period when cramps hit you?…I know I do! Heck, I even keep my heating pad close to my bed for cramps and muscle aches that come with getting your period. This body heating pad is nice because I was able to toss it in my bag and during my shift have relief while still in the field. No Bengay smell either. –Value $1.50

To be honest, this product is new to me, I had to go read more about it.  The Infinity Vagina Health Self-Test Card is used to test and prevent the female’s vaginitis. The test analyzes the vaginal fluid pH values (pH), whether you suffer from vaginal inflammation and levels of inflammation. Doing this at home can give you insight on what is going on while waiting to the see the doctor (Note: this is not meant to take the place of seeing your doctor but instead allow you to self-test at home for early detection) –Value $2.00

The My Petal Club is a perfect box to send or receive to help keep you supplied of all your pad and tampon needs. I can also see this as a perfect box to send to your daughter, sister, and/or friend who is in college, take the worry out of buying separate boxes each month, just send them this 1 box will all they will need.

Verdict: I estimated the box’s value at $7.55, which is higher than the monthly cost of $6.99 which also includes free shipping. The one thing I feel the box is missing is a treat of some kind, maybe candy, gum, a Zebra Cake (or that is just me). I like how they are able to keep the price so low and include shipping, inside the box, it is bright pink and everything was nicely wrapped in pink tissue paper. I can definitely see this as a box I look forward to each month to help keep me always stocked, I mean, after all, it is so much nicer to have a home delivery of menstrual cycle products that I need so no worry ever late night run to the store or having to send my husband. I do love the story behind My Petal Club, just shows how much love is shared between the couple and how having drive to do/find better can turn into a monthly box that so many can use and look forward too.

BONUS: My Petal Club has an amazing referral program for all their subscribers. Use my code ABCD to get started. With each referral, you send them you receive $5.00. EACH ONE!!!! 

What did you think of My Petal Club? Who would you buy it for?

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Check My Petal Club out on their Facebook Page, Twitter, and their website


Gentleman’s Box


 Gentleman’s Box is the first subscription service to cater exclusively to the modern gentlemen. Each month they honor a gentlemen from the past or the present and fill their boxes with 4-5 items, included with your monthly subscription is a subscription to GQ Magazine sent directly to your home separately from the box.


The June 2016 Gentleman’s Box including the following items:

~Sock Fancy Socks ($12) – Sean has another pair of socks from Sock Fancy and wears them often to school and church. The quality and texture is superior to just about any brand out there and the price is great. He loves the color, plus he didn’t have any green socks so that was a bonus!


~ Something Strong Striped Tie ($30) – Sean absolutely loves to wear ties whether it be to school, church, dinner or just going out with friends. As with the socks, he didn’t have a green tie, so the color and the striped style was a nice bonus.


~ Harry’s Razor ($18) – This is the first the Gentleman’s Box included a razor in their boxes and wow they chose wisely with Harry’s. This is not your dollar store blade and razor, this razor has weight and a slick handle. Harry’s makes their own blades and razors as well as accessories on their website which allows for their low prices.


~ Woodchuck USA Wooden Tie Clip ($30) -Nothing looks more sharp on a nice looking tie than a fancy looking Tie Clip and Woodchuck USA has quality, real stainless steel and real wood face tie bars/clips. We have received products by Woodchuck USA before in previous months boxes and were really impressed, this month no different. He wore it yesterday and received 3 complements.


~ La Fresh Sunscreen Wipes ($1.66) – Here in North Carolina our temps already reaching the upper 90’s before the heat index. Sunscreen is a must, these wipes have SPF 30 and are guaranteed to protect you in the sun for hours. Sean used his wipes when he went to beach, he said they weren’t greasy and just as stated didn’t irritate his skin. Easy to apply.


What an stylish box for our Dapper Sean, this month’s box from Gentleman’s Box had a total of $97.66 which included the GQ magazine & the wipes that they didn’t include in their total.

What do you think of this month? Do you want to subscribe to Gentleman’s Box then head over to their website and sign up!

Sean’s video review:

Birchbox’s June Subscription Box

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Those that know me might be thinking “Heather you actually subscribe to a makeup subscription box?” I know right, me who is so tomboy does where makeup but it didn’t start until I had my two girls and someone sent me a referral link to try out Birchbox. I never knew what brands were the best, which products to use  on my hair and heck I didn’t even know most of these were even out there. But I can tell once I tried Dry Shampoo I fell in love, who knew! ;)! Now I look forward to receiving the box each month and have learned over the last year so much and have a bathroom shelf or three or four full of products Birchbox has sent that I have used and  loved.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that starts  out at $10 a month. If you choose to add additional samples or products to your monthly box or get the premium box then your price will be higher. Birchbox has been around since 2010, they are probably one of the most, if not the most well known and most popular beauty and subscription boxes out that.


Birchbox sends between 4-6 sample sizes (sometimes full sizes) each month. I have been with them for over a year and just love each month. I receive my box around the 10th of each month, one of the earliest boxes I receive. I love how each month their box designs are different and I even have a few favorites. I keep mine, my girls each have their own that they keep their shopkins in!

Each month you receive a card letting you know what is included and how much a full size cost. One way to buy a full size item for a discount or even free is buy reviewing your products you receive, buy from their online BirchBox Shop and referring your friends. You can save your points up and use them in conjunction with coupon codes to get huge discounts on amazing products.


I had so much going on I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of their upgrade boxes so this is their standard box. My June box included:

Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer: Full -size $21 (7ml/.24 fl oz) This is a creamy face moisturizer for dry, dull and stressed-out skin. It is packed with antioxidants and humectants to help with hydrating your skin. I love this because even though it is not winter I still have dry skin. Being in the EMS field I am constantly washing my hands so they are quick to become dry fast and especially not smooth  like they should be. The same with my face, I am always washing my face with harsh micro bacterial soaps and wipes and it will leave my face dry. That is where Air Repair comes in! This is already in my tote to come to work with me!


COOLA Mineral Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte Tint $36 Full-size (.17 fl oz/5ml) Is a Mineral-based TINTED moisturizer with SPF!!! Nongreasy formula dries down to a matte finish and the subtle beige tint evens out skin tone and masks flaws. I love how COOLA is going double duty with this product. Works best for light to medium complexions, which is me so yeah! Plus I love the brand COOLA and Birchbox has a special going now on their site:

Can’t get enough of COOLA®? We feel you. For a limited time, get a free COOLA® Tinted Mineral Liplux SPF 30 in Nude Beach with qualifying $40+ purchase of any full-size suncare product(s) from the Birchbox Shop. Use code: LIPLUX at checkout.


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector $28 Full-size (30ml/1floz) This is a overnight solution that softens, shins, helps hair become more manageable and last up to a week. Can be used on color treated hair which I love, since I am always dying my hair and need products that helps keep my hair staying healthy and strong and Living Proof does. Doesn’t feel greasy applying or when you wake up.


Whish Shave Crave with Vitamin K $24 Full-size (22ml/.75fl oz) This a blend of natural plant extracts plus Vitamin K minimizes spider veins, varicose veins and bruises over time all while being an ultra thick luxury shaving cream. Organic jojoba seed oil, green tea, and coconut oil penetrate skin to deeply moisturize and goes on feeling more like a lotion than a shaving cream. My take on it though IT IS PRICEY FOR A SHAVING CREAM! As much we shave during the summer (lol come on you know you shave less in the winter…I can’t be the only one) that is a hefty price tag you will be paying for a few bottles a year. OUCH!


Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel – 3 Medium $24 Full-size–Now this is not yet available to the public until June 24th, but as a Birchbox subscriber we are getting a special sneak peek at a sample of their Brow Volumizer Gel. Now I will admit at first I thought it was for your lashes lol even put it on my lashes, then I realized it is for your BROWS! I am not one who does anything with my brows…they are just there doing fine all on their own! So this was all new to me…did I even need a Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel? To me I feel I look a little grizzly, making brows really stand out but that might be that I to them not being so light.



What did you guys think of the items in this month’s June Birchbox? After review each item that will give me a total of 50 points that I can combine with my others and use in the Birchbox Shop.

If you would like to subscribe to Birchbox you sign up using BirchBoxSurviving5Kids

Worldly Box Monthly Subscription

I never thought I would find myself anxiously waiting each month for a monthly subscription box that was jewelry themed, that was until I found Worldly Box on Instagram. Worldly Box allows you customize your box by filling out a short survey when subscribing, telling them what you like and prefer. They also support Fair Trade, which I am very passionate about, as well as Empowering Women Globally. I have been getting Worldly Box for months now, and sadly due to my other site crashing I lost all my other reviews/post for my previous months, but I wanted to catch you up on my June box. Here are a few previous favorite items.


I am never without one of their pieces of jewelry or items on me daily.

Here is my February box from Worldly Box


WorldyBox is $19.99 per month or for 3 months it is $50.97

Since each item I was not able to locate online and their are unique to each Country their is no finding out how much each item is, but I can tell you after months of getting WorldlyBox you are definitely more than $20’s worth each month. Each month you receive at least 5 items and Mary who curates my box lol knows my taste in jewelry better than my husband does!!! I have never been disappointed in any item or box!

This month all items came from Peru. I love the Llama keychains which are made from sustainable llama fur as well as the beautiful mix stones necklace.


Also included in this month’s Worldlybox was: How amazing and beautiful are all these items!


Be sure to check my out my youtube video review as well:

Let me know what you think of Worldly Box, Which piece did you like best? Do you love Fair Trade as well?

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Me who isn’t bracelet girl LOVES this bracelet that came in their March Box!

worldly box3