Loving Our New Mermaid Blanket

 I love using blankets year round, something about being curled up on my recliner with my Alexander Hamilton biography, root beer and my blankets is so relaxing. The softer and the more plush they are the better! Also is a an added bonus if it’s purple or has a design I love and one my girls don’t take lol they love to steal my blankets from me (blanket hoarders). I searched to find a Mermaid Blanket, I mean who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid, after searching for the right color, price and one that looked so soft with great reviews I picked this one from Amazon. Mermaid Blanket 5 I have Amazon Prime yet it said would take 4 days to arrive (does that happen to anyone else?) but surprisingly it arrived 1.5 days!!! BONUS! My daughters, Megan & Faith gathered around me as if a real mermaid was going to pop out of the box lol , when I opened the package I was so glad I picked this one and realized the picture didn’t do it justice. There was an envelope with a note and a mermaid necklace, how stinkin’ cute is that! Mermaid Blanket 6 Megan has the necklace laid out with her clothes that she has picked out to wear for her first day of school! Now of course my girls wanted to be official “Mermaid Blanket Testers” 😉 and how could I deny them of  that! Mermaid Blanket 3  Mermaid Blanket 15 They now love to come ask me if they can sleep in it! I don’t blame them, it is so soft, it is too heavy that you can’t use it during the summer and it keeps you warm at night even with two fans and the A/C going (ugh the NC heat can be a killer). I am 5’4 and there is plenty of move at the bottom if I was taller….I have seen where other people wrote that they were 5’7 and there was still room. Plenty of room to lay in and roll over whether you are lounge on the couch or in bed. Mermaid Blanket 8 The colors are so pretty, it is purple with accents of pink and white crocheted in . The quality is really good, lol with my two girls it would have to be to survive.It measures  71″x35″

Mermaid Blanket 11  <—Mermaid Tail in action

This Mermaid Blanket can be bought online at Amazon by clicking here or on the price which is $21.88  if you are an Amazon Prime member our shipping is free and should arrive in less than 3 days. I see they updated their shipping speed.

When yours arrive come back and let know how much you love yours as well and which color blanket you picked….they have: Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Grey, Rose Red, Dark Purple (mine), Flower Purple, and Mint Green (the next one I want to get).

*I did receive the blanket at a discount, no links are affiliate links. Views expressed are my own and no way swayed by any discount offered*