Quick and Easy at Home Starbuck’s Pink Drink

We live in a relatively  small city, compared to  where I grew up, and with that being said I grew up with Dunkin Donuts trying  Starbucks was definitely out of my comfort zone but boy after I tried their famous secret menu drink the Pink Drink I am so glad I did. Prior to trying the Pink Drink I had only been to Starbucks 4 other times and had only tried their Vanilla Bean Frappe. I began seeing this “pink drink” all over my Facebook newsfeed over and over everyday all day long, to the point where the Pink Drink was taking over all the political post. While in Target (ours has a Starbucks inside…Does yours?) I decide to give it a try. At first I stumbled all over trying to order it…I thought you just order it by the name “I will take a large Pink Drink, please” 1st off LARGE is not a size at Starbucks…Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, and Trenta  2ndly I needed to order the drink by asking for a Strawberry Acai Refresher with Coconut Milk instead water.

Pink Drink 8  Pink Drink 7Does that not look so delicious and scream summer !

Sharing is the hardest part. The tie for the hardest part when you are left with an empty cup is the sad feeling when you have an EMPTY CUP ;)! Now you can make your own at home! It is so tasty and to me taste even better. I have been using fresh strawberries and then eating them after the drink is gone. I found all the ingredients at Walmart.

Pink Drink 1

 1. Use a 1/2 pack of the Lipton Strawberry Acai Tea (I found it in the aisle as the coffee & tea is in. You can order it on Amazon by clicking on Lipton above) 

2. Soy Delicious Coconut Milk Unsweetened (I found ours in the juice aisle where the dry and shelf milk is located) I like to put mine in the fridge before making my drinks will need 1/2 Cup

3. Ice Cold Water 1/2 Cup

4. Ice 1 Cup

5. Fresh Strawberries Slices 1/2 Cup

Whip Cream

In your tall cup add the Lipton tea mix and the water, stir until completely dissolved, then add the Coconut milk, ice and strawberries and stir. My kids like to top theirs off with whip cream! Any ENJOY!!!

Pink Drink 2 Pink Drink 5

In less than five minutes, $6  and about 45 calories each I was able to make 5 Pink Drinks at home. Since making them at home I’ve only gotten 2 at a Starbucks and that was while in a different city. You can play around with how much or little you want of the water and Coconut milk. You can buy freeze-dried strawberries and add them vs fresh strawberries.

Come back and let me know how you enjoy yours when you made it and did you use fresh or freeze-dried strawberries? Did you top yours with whip cream? My girls’ even like to add pink sprinkles on top of their whip cream!

Pink Drink 9

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Worldly Box Monthly Subscription

I never thought I would find myself anxiously waiting each month for a monthly subscription box that was jewelry themed, that was until I found Worldly Box on Instagram. Worldly Box allows you customize your box by filling out a short survey when subscribing, telling them what you like and prefer. They also support Fair Trade, which I am very passionate about, as well as Empowering Women Globally. I have been getting Worldly Box for months now, and sadly due to my other site crashing I lost all my other reviews/post for my previous months, but I wanted to catch you up on my June box. Here are a few previous favorite items.


I am never without one of their pieces of jewelry or items on me daily.

Here is my February box from Worldly Box


WorldyBox is $19.99 per month or for 3 months it is $50.97

Since each item I was not able to locate online and their are unique to each Country their is no finding out how much each item is, but I can tell you after months of getting WorldlyBox you are definitely more than $20’s worth each month. Each month you receive at least 5 items and Mary who curates my box lol knows my taste in jewelry better than my husband does!!! I have never been disappointed in any item or box!

This month all items came from Peru. I love the Llama keychains which are made from sustainable llama fur as well as the beautiful mix stones necklace.


Also included in this month’s Worldlybox was: How amazing and beautiful are all these items!


Be sure to check my out my youtube video review as well:

Let me know what you think of Worldly Box, Which piece did you like best? Do you love Fair Trade as well?

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Follow Website @WorldlyBox.com

Me who isn’t bracelet girl LOVES this bracelet that came in their March Box!

worldly box3

Milk Bottle Craft

Being able to sit down, relax and enjoy my night crafting is a night well spent! I try to escape to my craft room or take over a section by the recliner in the living room and craft while as a family we watch a movie or America’s Got Talent. Two weeks ago I painted three mason jars and loved how they turned out. So when I saw these cute mini milk bottles at Walmart in their craft section I just I had to paint them! I only ended using 3 (4th one broke during hand drying it)

cow 5

After I cleaned them inside and out…and hand dried them, well 3 😉 it was time to pick the colors. I chose to do 1 in black & white, 1 in a light pink with dark pink spots and the last one in a light tan with a darker shade for the spots. I love when Michaels Craft Store has their 20% off your entire order AND 40% one item plus their paints were on sale, perfect timing! These are the colors I chose..  Craft Smart White, Black, Apple Barrel Cameo Pink, Paradise Pink, Toasted Marshmallow, and Little Mocha

cow 4

Each bottle received a bottom coat, which I would let completely dry before applying the second coat. Once the second was on the spots could then be outlined and filled in. You can have fun with this steps, by where you place them and the size. Each spot will also need two coats and be sure to let each coat of the paint dry completely before apply the next one.

milk bottles

The final couple steps after all the drying will be the protective step and the decorating step. You may want to put a clear gloss over your bottles to help protect it from chips and give it a smooth feeling and look. Krylon makes a Colormaster Crystal Clear Gloss Spray Acrylic that goes on clear and dries clear. Once that is dried you can decorate the top, I did not paint or spray the top due to what I am using it for…

cow 3cow 2

They make a fun addition to our coffee tables. I love how the spots bounced off the light bottom coat on each of them. I am a huge fan and lover of paper straws so of course that is what we are using to hold just some of them, lol I have 3 other containers holding more…I told I love paper straws!!!

What crafts do you enjoy doing? And have you painted these mini dairy/milk bottles, if so what color scheme did you use & what are you using them for? cow

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Packages of Pretties

We all know Facebook as the huge social media network for sharing photos, personal updates, posting our daily activities, checking on friends and more. Instagram what was started as a place to share just photos has become a place where small businesses thrive, people with similar hobbies can connect and where we can still share our personal photos with the world. On IG (Instagram) you will find a lot of small shops selling their handmade items, one account that helps bring many of IG’s small shops together is @EarthCookieCreates, on her page you can find her amazing handmade items as well so many other shops creative and lovingly made items. Each month @EarthCookieCreates put together a box called Packages of Pretties which contains 5-8 items and each month has a new theme. Not only are you getting 5-8 handmade items each month but you are being introduced to new shops and getting some of the most cutes, amazing, and prettiest items from the most talented women on IG. Here is a look at my April Packages of Pretties.

package of pretties

How pretty are all of those handmade items. So you can be sure to check them out here is a list of who made each amazing item. The Oh Happy Day sign was handmade and painted by Krista over @TheSpottedChevron , the cute Heart Coin Purse Keychain was handmade by Karen over @Manghammade , the two Heart Paperclips were crocheted by @YarnFreak , the Compliment Cards were designed and made by @AngelineKayDesigns , the Vintage Bottle Cap Magnet was made by Sonya over @StashedAndCrafted , the very pretty Flower Pendant was made by Amanda @KOfColors and Jessica @EarthCookieCreates made the set of Rainbow Cards

Pricing (prices include shipping in the US) for the Packages of Pretties are:
1 month $17
3 months $48
6 months $80

The spots fill up fast! But if you miss your chance be sure to follow her and all the talented shops she post daily, not only are you supporting small businesses, moms, the crafting community but you will also see so many handmade items that are unique and one of a kind.

My March Packages of Pretties


@_That_Blessed_Momma_of4_ , @BayouVue , @ReKindledPleasures , @PinkRobynDecor

Follow me on Instagram @Surviving5Kids

What do you think of this all handmade items subscription box? Would you jump at the chance each other to be one of 8 to get it?

Rainbow of DumDums

Ever have a crazy thought pop in head around 1 am and next thing you know you and your son are on the couch sorting your jar Dum Dums Lollipops into piles of coordinating colors? Or is it just me?! I had a tall glass apothecary jar filled to the top with Dum Dums that I had just dumped in there, no method just pure madness. After going on Instagram and seeing on of the post made @RaisingUpRubies (if you aren’t following her you definitely should be, she has her own shop and post colorful uplifting post) had made with her DumDums all neat and organized I couldn’t get that image of my messy unorganized jar of them out of my head. So yes, at 1 AM it was turn the jar over and dump them out time and let the color crazy madness begin! Bring on the late night Rootbeer Floats, John Oliver episodes and an extra bag of Dum Dums!


We started with the mystery flavor (which there is way too much of lol) at the bottom, doing two rows of them, then one row grape, a row of cotton candy, two rows of blue raspberry, a row sour apple, lemon-lime, a row of peach, orange, fruit punch, cherry and this is where having the second bag came in handy since the best flavors even though they were up top and only needed one row didn’t come with as many as other flavors we now have abundance of. After the row of cherry we did a row of watermelon and then took the pink bubble and stood them up straight at the very top!


To make all the rows even I would stick the root beer and cream soda dum dums sideways but out of sight which would allow the rows to be more sturdy and stay even as we stacked them. I am so thrilled how it turned out and love looking it each day when I am sitting at my office desk.

DumDum DumDum3

Everyone likes to ask is it hard not to eat them….I guess the good thing about doing it this way is, I love the pretty rainbow look and if I ate my favorite, which happens to be right at the top, the watermelon, there would go my pretty rainbow and having to buy the extra bag LOL I had plenty of leftovers to toss in a bowl…..


The Bathroom Door

Ah the days when the bathroom door was solely there to give you privacy from the outside world, in other words SHUT! Might have been a revolving door in some homes with large families and often slammed if there was only one that was meant to be shared with you and anyone other than you. But it was constantly shut and often locked, let our siblings bang all they want, they are not getting in while I take my 45 minute unnecessarily  long shower! We depended on the door to do its job and remain shut when we shut it, and locked when we locked it.

We slowly realize the bathroom door will no longer be used much and then even a stage not used at all once our little ones arrive. Even in the hospital just prior to birth, it can be a challenge to shut it. Good luck trying to get the IV pole in there or after you give birth your maternal instincts kick in some probably kept the door open slightly “just in case”. Then we arrive home!! It is almost as if the bathroom doors have magically removed themselves in advance of our arrival. THEY KNOW! ~~By child 3 they stay on~~


When our idea of being pampered is being able to use the restroom in private or in peace we know we have reached the status of being a MOM! When we do shut the door for the first time “on them” their reactions are priceless. HOW DARE SHE!

Little fingers appear under the door frame, trying to see if they can reach us or finding a weak spot for later bathroom use.

Bathroom Post

Cold tile will not stop a toddler who wants in, they will sit in front of the shut door waiting……and waiting for US.

Sometimes screaming and crying, other times talking to us and the moments I would worry most about — for myself– was when they would sit there facing the door BEING QUIET! You know their brain is thinking, turning inside. And when we open the door it is the same reaction we receive when we get home and our dog greets us…..no concept of time, they are just pure happy to see us.

My little boys who would once do this are now teens, they respect me and never do this now. Now my girls, 5 & 6 they will instead  yell LOUD from way outside my bedroom door, MOM CAN I GET A CHEESE STICK?     MOM THE BOYS ARE FIGHTING.        MOM CAN I COME IN?        MOM WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BE DONE?       MOM I AM HUNGRY.        MOM….. MOM….. MOM….. MOM…..

Bathroom Post 2


“OKAY MOM I WILL WAIT RIGHT HERE FOR YOU.”  they do, they just check in every 2.1 seconds.

Oh bathroom door I took you for granted for decades and now I just wish I could afford a sound proof one.

How do you say “Thank You”?

How do you say “Thank you” to someone who gave their life for your freedom? How do you do you say “Thank You” to their family who will no longer be able to kiss them goodnight and hug them goodbye? They laced up their boots, their dogs tags around their neck, packed their sea bags, checked out their gear, said their last goodbyes and shipped off. Too many of the letters to their loves ones, once tucked away and prayed never having to be hand delivered by someone else, heartrendingly clinched being read with tears. How do you show honor to these men and women who arrived in battle with their brothers and sisters in Service and returned home in memory?

“We do not know one promise these men made, one pledge they gave, one word they spoke; but we do know they summed up and perfected, by one supreme act, the highest virtues of men and citizens. For love of country they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue.”

– James A. Garfield
May 30, 1868 Arlington National Cemetery

As a Marine wife of 20 years each Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day I take these days to heart and thank God that with each deployment my husband has returned home safely. Memorial Day is more than just a 3 day weekend, with trips to the beach and no school, it is a day we stop and say “Thank You.” “Thank You” to the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their life that day, the life they would have led and the families they left behind. Their memory never fades, their courage never ceases, and their sacrifice is never forgotten. Memorial Day is the day we take a moment to pause and remember the families of those who have fallen in the line of duty. Often times Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are confused with one another. Veteran’s Day, which is in November, is the day we say “Thank You” to all the men and women who have served, first called Armistice Day. Armed Forces Day is the day we honor all those who are serving now. Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of each May. Memorial Day, the last Monday of each May is the day we remember all the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving —- their lives, so that we can remain in the ‘Land where at least I know I’m FREE’


In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Martin Luther King, Jr.