Weekender Handbag, Amber Train Case and Notebook in Dreamcatcher from Capri Designs

With the summer in full force, we are making it a goal to fit in as many springs trips, beach trips and even mini vacations as possible. Refusing to be the mom with five very unorganized and unappealing beach bags (or reusable grocery bags since let’s just admit it we all do it) I’m bringing my Weekender bag everywhere we go. Read Mommies Gone Mad’s full post here

Weekender Bag Prize Pack

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Welcome to Surviving 5 Kids

Welcome to my new and improved blog on Surviving Momhood/Kids. Whether or not you have 5 kids like me, as moms’ we are all at times not just enjoying each moment we are SURVIVING EACH MOMENT! And I am here to help. I am not an expert in all fields, I do not claim to be either. Even in the fields I have studied I am not an expert as it is my belief that life is a endless learning session. Even the greatest Genius can still learn something new everyday. Make yourself at home….