My Petal Club Mix Box Review

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One thing as women we can (unfortunately) count on is getting our period but it doesn’t have to be stressful, headache full and expensive month when it does arrive, with My Petal Club they are definitely helping erase that for us.

My Petal Club is a monthly ‘time-of-the-month’ box, supplying its pads and tampons. It’s box maybe plain but the story of how they started isn’t. Read more on their About Us page.

¬†—-When my wife had our second child she was admitted to a hospital in Brooklyn NY. Unfortunately, she was having heavy bleeding and all the hygienic pads that were given to her were cotton based and did not help her at all. ¬†I decided to go online and find a better product, to my surprise, every product that she tried was disappointing. —-

The Subscription Box: My Petal Club

The Cost: $6.99. They have 7 different subscriptions to choose from; Light, Regular, and Heavy Flow tampon box, Light, Regular, and Heavy Flow pad box and the Mix (which is what I was sent.) My Petal CLub manufactured their own pads which is why they are able to offer their monthly subscriptions so low! Plus Free delivery.

The Products: In the mix box I received 8 regular pads, 8 regular tampons, and 10 panty liners. Depend on the subscription you chose you will get a variation of 26 products plus two extras.

Ships to: Only ship to the USA. They ship the first box right away and the next one on the 15th of each month after. (I received mine in less than 4 days from notice of shipping!!)

Let’s see what I got….

¬†These are the regular pads, I would compare them to the thickness of Always and what I love about them is they have wings. —Value $1.44?

¬†These are the 10 panty liners, maybe FYI…but I always have on hand panty liners so receiving these monthly and ensuring I won’t run out is great. I am also glad there are 10 in each box monthly. –Value $.85

¬†In the Mix Box, you receive 8 regular tampons, which for me is plenty but I could see how 8 wouldn’t be enough for some. In the boxes that are for just the pads or the tampons, you will receive both regular and heavy. — Value $1.76 ?

Who doesn’t love heat during their period when cramps hit you?…I know I do! Heck, I even keep my heating pad close to my bed for cramps and muscle aches that come with getting your period. This body heating pad is nice because I was able to toss it in my bag and during my shift have relief while still in the field. No Bengay smell either. –Value $1.50

To be honest, this product is new to me, I had to go read more about it.¬† The Infinity Vagina Health Self-Test Card is used to test and prevent the female’s vaginitis. The test¬†analyzes the vaginal fluid pH values (pH), whether you suffer from vaginal inflammation and levels of inflammation. Doing this at home can give you insight on what is going on while waiting to the see the doctor (Note: this is not meant to take the place of seeing your doctor but instead allow you to self-test at home for early detection) –Value $2.00

The My Petal Club is a perfect box to send or receive to help keep you supplied of all your pad and tampon needs. I can also see this as a perfect box to send to your daughter, sister, and/or friend who is in college, take the worry out of buying separate boxes each month, just send them this 1 box will all they will need.

Verdict:¬†I estimated the box’s value at $7.55, which is higher than the monthly cost of $6.99 which also includes free shipping. The one thing I feel the box is missing is a treat of some kind, maybe candy, gum, a Zebra Cake (or that is just me). I like how they are able to keep the price so low and include shipping, inside the box, it is bright pink and everything was nicely wrapped in pink tissue paper. I can definitely see this as a box I look forward to each month to help keep me always stocked, I mean, after all, it is so much nicer to have a home delivery of menstrual cycle products that I need so no worry ever late night run to the store or having to send my husband. I do love the story behind My Petal Club, just shows how much love is shared between the couple and how having drive to do/find better can turn into a monthly box that so many can use and look forward too.

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What did you think of My Petal Club? Who would you buy it for?

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Check My Petal Club out on their Facebook Page, Twitter, and their website


BoxyCharm’s 2018 March Sneak Peek

We have confirmed¬†previews of what will be included in BoxyCharm’s March box.

Yosef has confirmed on BoxyCharm Beauties and Boxy Buddies that each box will receive the Boxycharm X PUR Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette.

There has also been another revile¬†for the BoxyCharm’s March box a 3 pc Eyeshadow Brush Set from Vintage Cosmetic Company.

What do you think of the BoxyCharm previews?

Still not subscribed hop on over to BoxyCharm, only $21 a month. Check out my past months of BoxyCharm.


Boxy Charm Sneak Peek

Boxy Charm is one to watch closely as they will offer previews of products and/or brands that will be in the upcoming box. There is often more than one variation they ship out, they do not tell you which one you will be receiving.

Check out the links below to see next month’s sneak peeked items as well as the previous months.

BoxyCharm March 2018 Spoiler




Boxy Charm February Box

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Boxy Charm is a monthly beauty and make-up subscription box. Boxy Charm sends full-size products each with a high value to cost ratio.


The Subscription Box: Boxy Charm

The Cost: $21/Month

Ships To: U.S. and Canada

Each box comes with a card detailing each product with value.


Let’s see what we got….

Seraphine Botanicals ‚Äď Sugar + Lemon ‚Äď Moisturizing Lip Buffer¬†

Value $24.00 — This item was the one I was really hoping to get, after seeing the sneak peeks. I love lemon scented anything/everything and this lip buffer has such a refreshing lemon scent!¬†Made with Avocado, Apricot and Jojoba oils as well as Shea & Cocoa Butter to help rejuvenate & hydrate dry lips.



Vintage by Jessika Liebskind ‚Äď Eyeliner Pencil¬†

Value $21.00 — I am not very good with eyeliners, so I don’t use them much. This is a jet-black shade that says it is a creamy-soft formula that glides on lids without tugging or pulling.


Crown Brush ‚Äď Pro Brush Trio

Value $29.99 — This is a three brush set by Crown Brush. The tips are white with a light pink tip. The brush handles are a shiny white with a touch of grey.¬†The small brush can be used to conceal imperfections and highlight underneath the eyes. The medium sized brush can be used to sculpt the cheekbones and perimeter of the face. Finally, the large powder brush can be used to set everything in place.


CoverFX ‚Äď Shimmer Veil

Value $28.00 — Oh my goodness this is so very pretty. I love lip glosses and this one is sure to be one of my new favorites. From just looking at the bottle I thought it was going to be more pinkish but does have a really pretty shimmer to it.


Naked Cosmetics ‚Äď Holographic Highlighter Palette¬†

Value $39.99 — THIS!!!! No amount of pictures will do this palette justice!¬†With six stunning holographic shades, this highlighting palette is essential for any makeup-enthusiast. Each iridescent shade is perfect for highlighting and layering to transform any look into something enchanting! If you do not own Naked Cosmetics products run and check them out, they have so many high-quality products for all skin tones and price points. This palette will be perfect in the Summer to add a bit of color to my face.



Verdict: Boxy Charm never disappoints¬†in my eyes. I absolutely love the palette and the lip butter.¬†This total value¬†for this month’s box is $142.98 which is awesome for a $21 monthly subscription fee.¬†Boxy Charm does release sneak peeks and spoilers prior to shipment, which may include a variation of what you may receive.

Boxy Charm is one of my favorite subscription boxes, it is my favorite make-up box. The value you receive from Boxy Charm is hard to beat.

What was your favorite item? How do you like the palette?



Boxy Charm


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Boxy Charm is a monthly beauty and make-up subscription box. Boxy Charm sends full-size products each with a high value to cost ratio.

The Subscription Box: Boxy Charm

The Cost: $21/Month

Ships To: U.S. and Canada

Each box comes with a card detailing each product with value.

Let’s see what we got….

Dr. Brandt – pores no more LUMINIZER PRIMER

Value $38 — This primer helps blur pores and prepare skin for makeup.¬† Dr. Brandt products are have been in Boxy Charm boxes before and this product from them is by far my favorite. I have Rosacea¬†and always need a good primer, when not wearing full-coverage foundation¬†the glow is an added bonus.

It Cosmetics – Brow Power‚ĄĘ Universal Eyebrow Pencil

Value $24 — Using a brow pencil is somewhat new to me. My brows¬†are naturally¬†light so getting the technique down to adding just the right touch has been a learning curve. I like how this is double tipped with a built-in spooley¬†brush.¬†This shade is a universal taupe, and you are able to adjust shade by how hard you push.

Here is a swatch

Girlactik – Matte Lip Paint

Value $23 — I received the Posh color, it is a little darker than I normally wear but it goes on smooth and it lasted for almost the entire day. If you like matte and long-lasting lip gloss you will like this.

P√úR The Complexion Authority – Bronze and Brighten Cheek Palette

Value $34 — This palette includes a highlight, bronzer and blush palette.¬†Featuring PUR‚Äôs fan favorites Afterglow and Mineral Glow along with a new blush shade, Blushing Glow.This palette’s very pigmented and goes on so smooth, and I mean pigmented! The intensity of this palette you only need one swipe….which is nice because this will last me months.

It really does go on so nicely. Very impressed!

Crown Pro – Glam Metals Palette

Value $29.99 — WOW! That about sums up this palette! Crown Pro really has put together a Glam palette with this. My favorite shades is¬†the Heavy Metal, Rebel, and Pop Rock, which is so not me….but why I do love having this intense¬†of a palette, it pushes me to break out the Glam!

These highly pigmented, ultra-blendable shadows make smokey eye looks a breeze!

Verdict: Another month from Boxy Charm that included palettes, and make-up items I didn’t already have! This total value¬†for this month’s box is $148.99, which awesome for only costing $21 to subscribe.¬† Boxy Charm does release sneak peeks and spoilers prior to shipment, which may include a variation of what you may receive.

Boxy Charm is one of my favorite boxes I receive each month. I have expanded my options each day for what I can wear.

Which item is your favorite? What do you think of this month’s Boxy Charm?

OwlCrate JR

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OwlCrafte Jr is a monthly subscription box from the creators of OwlCrate. The Owlcrate Jr box is aimed at 8-14-year-olds (or those young at heart).  Each month you will receive a book and items relating to the theme of the book.

About Owlcrate Jr.

The Subscription Box: Owlcrate Jr 

The Cost: Owlcrate JR offers Subscriptions for 1-month at a time for $27.99, for 3-months at $80.97 and pre-pay, $155.94/6-month pre-pay. Shipping is charged with sign up at $6.99 USPS flat-rate shipping, $10.59 shipping to Canada, and $19.99 shipping International.

What’s Inside: You receive 1 hardcover book along with items that relate to the book’s theme. Some products are Owlcrate Jr exclusive.

Owlcrate JR. January 2018 Box:

This month’s Owlcrate Jr. theme was Sugar & Spice. Each box arrives with cards announcing the theme and a break down¬†of each item. This month also included a recipe.


This month’s book is Love Sugar Magic; A Dash of Trouble¬†by Anna Meriano¬†the book retails for $16.99, you can find it here for $11.43.

My girls were so excited when they saw this book. Not only is the main character a girl but she has a mischievous side with a whole lot of sweetness. My oldest daughter who is in 4th grade and who loves to read scooped this book up fast. She was able to read the entire book within 10 (darn school) days. Love Sugar Magic, she said is her 2nd favorite book from Owlcrate Jr.


One thing my old daughter, Megan loves is how each book has come with a signed bookplate from the author. She uses them as bookmarks and then saves them in her journal when she is done reading.

Fred Sweet Spirits Day of the Dead Cookie Cutter This 4-pack (we received one) can be bought for $11.95

We hadn’t made cookies, from scratch let alone, since the Summer (completely forgot to at Christmas) so having received this cookie cutter my girls were anxious to make some. We ended up making sugar cookies, and before I could snap and picture 5 had icing covering it and the other 5 were gone (dangers of having 5 kids lol), but pre-baked I was impressed with how much detail we were able to get from him.

     My readers & bakers! 

Owlcrate Jr Exclusive Apron.  This cute blue apron is an exclusive item for this month. The apron features an owl face with a whisk and spatula. It fit my 10 yr old best. The apron was a bit long and big on my 8 yr old, though she still wore it while making the cookies. 

The Sweetest Thing Bake Shop sprinkles РRetail Value $5.50  Are these not the prettiest sprinkle combo you have ever seen?! The Sweetest Thing Bake Shop makes a variety of sprinkle combos, that would be perfect on ice cream, cakes, and even Hot Chocolate like we do!


Rolling Pin

I couldn’t find a similar¬†one but this was a perfect size for my 8 yr old. It is a bright green rolling pin with wood handles.


Macaron Erasers – Retail Value $13.95 found the set here for $6.15

I have always loved fun erasers and these don’t disappoint, plus they smell like vanilla. I have a hard time using all of my cute stationary supplies, they become a display of sorts on my desk.


Ooly Itsy Bitsy Stickers — Retail Value $5.95 on here This set of stickers, food themed, is absolutely adorable. They have a slight puffy feeling to them and all are brightly colored. Stickers are a huge hit in my house and the cuter the better!


Owlcrate Jr has always been a box my girls look forward to receiving. Despite the rolling pin and exclusive apron not having an exact value amount, the total value of this month’s is $48.78, which is fantastic compared to the $27.99 plus $6.99 cost. My girls loved each item in this box and Owlcrate Jr is one of their favorite boxes.

Next Month’s Theme: WildMagic

What do you think of OwlCrate Jr? What was your favorite item in the box?